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ZAPtech provides all of the support for your servers, workstations and users for one monthly fee.
What does this mean for you? It means that…
  1. Your IT Problems Will Be Solved – QUICKLY.
    In most cases, we can begin working on your problem remotely within minutes. If the problem requires an on-site visit, a technician or engineer will be there within a few hours in the case of emergencies and within 24 hours for non-emergencies. Through our ongoing monitoring and maintenance, most issues will be detected and corrected BEFORE they become a problem.

  2. You will know – in advance – what your IT support cost will be for any given fiscal year.
    ZAPtech provides unlimited IT support for one fixed monthly cost. You know, in advance, what your IT support costs will be in any given Fiscal Year which, in turn, enables you to stabilize and accurately budget your IT support costs.

  3. You won't have to deal with unreliable, inexperienced and/or unprofessional technicians.
    ZAPtech has assembled a team of network engineers and technicians with the highest level of technical training and expertise. All have substantial “real world” experience, with years of working in the IT industry. It is our company policy to NEVER outsource any of our projects to part-time or independent contractors.

  4. You won't be charged for repeated site visits that never get to the root of the problem.
    By choosing ZAPtech, you get your own designated support staff to deal with your specific IT issues. Dedicating specific staff to support specific clients means that your technician or engineer will become very familiar with your operations. Should you have a problem, you can contact your designated ZAPtech staff member directly, via email or cell phone.

  5. Your IT Problems become OUR Problems!
    Our exclusive IT focus on non-profits has provided us with a unique and in-depth understanding of the business/technology challenges that non-profit organizations like yours face. We consider ourselves part of your team. We're there to ensure that you can focus on the work you do and leave the IT-problems to us!

  6. You will be working with an IT company that has an established reputation in the non-profit sector.
    By choosing ZAPtech you get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your choice has been the choice of LA County non-profits for more than two decades.

To find out how ZAPtech can help your organization, call 213-739-3400.

Zaptech - providing IT, computer services and tech support for non-profit organizations in Los Angeles, California.